Vainamoinen Finnish demigod with his magic Harp

Gabriella Vento

The Sydney Experiment

Rebarkable Results

A sad story:

It does not take a deep thinker to see, something is wrong with our world.


omething is inherently screwed up.

And no, it is not our fault. Humans are already born into this mess. Creatures on Earth have to kill, destroy others in order to survive themselves.

What kind of Creator could make this system, where his/her beautiful artworks systematically perish? It is hard to find the culprit, as we have no clear recollection of the Origin.

 Opinions are divided depending on which religion/myth seems to be the key, or which scientific explanation sounds plausible. Let’s suppose that the Paradise described in the Bible existed, and existed for a long period of time. thousands, hundred thousands of years or more. Lets suppose that our last 6 thousand years started by an event we call “Expulsion from Paradise” is in in reality just a relatively short, dark period in the sea of Time that has nothing to do with any “sins” committed. In fact, we cannot think of this period, as related to the human kind only. We have to learn to think in terms of the whole living world, which includes not just animals, but plants and any known and yet undiscovered or unidentified life forms and Earth itself. Not just human kind, but all livings were falling into this dark age. A 6000 years period full of controversy, self-destruction, also a contained, relentless struggle for light. The light of logical thinking, purposeful, planned action, togetherness, interconnectedness and mutual understanding.This period is about to end. There are signs, phenomenon, like our renewed relationship to the animal world. We don’t want to kill all creatures that are harmful or useless for us, like a hundred years ago. Even some creatures themselves show compassion to other species in nature, and especially in situations like as pets, where their food is ensured. Cats dogs birds show affection to each other and each other’s young, or save the other species from danger.

We are not hunting, not wearing animal fur coats and leather shoes any longer. Hold keeping dogs in chains inacceptable, as opposed to practice up to the last century, where they were widely used as guarding animals. Not ashamed anymore to call our pets our babies, care for them deeply and mourn, as family members, when they die.