Vainamoinen Finnish demigod with his magic Harp

Gabriella Vento

The Sydney Experiment

Rebarkable Results


Energy centers of our body

The chakras are gates where the electromagnetic vibrations leave the body. Also the place where vibrations form outside are received.

Earth's chakra system

The Earth is a dipole magnet with an alleged iron core. The magnet's poles, are the North Pole (Arctic) and South Pole (Antarctica).

The Sun "chakras"

The currents inside the Sun plasma induce a changing electromagnetic field. 
(We can only perceive or detect a small fraction of the entire frequency range therefore the full spectrum of radiation is not known yet.)

  "If everything is Energy ... then everything can be set right by Energy as   well. 

You just need the Energy with the appropriate parameters."

Albert Einstein could have said that     

Nikola Tesla may have said that     

(we can't access all he has said)     

but the quote actually is from