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The Sydney Experiment

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Akashic Field


There are no debates about the existence of an electromagnetic field surrounding Earth. The question is, how does this field  connect  to the living creatures energy system. Because not just humans have chakras, but all other living beings.

Earth's magnetic field

Well, according to Alka, the smart dog from our story, the pineal gland is the antenna connecting us to the Field along with most living being. Besides the root chakras also connect to  the Earth on a lower, more material level.


  "If everything is Energy ... then everything can be set right by Energy as   well. 

You just need the Energy with the appropriate parameters."

Albert Einstein could have said that     

Nikola Tesla may have said that     

(we can't access all he has said)     

but the quote actually is from     


The Sydney Experiment


The Sydney Experiment

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The Sydney Experiment