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Gabriella Vento

The Sydney Experiment

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Welcome to my page and welcome to the world of my novel The Sydney Experiment!


As a young researcher of microwave telecommunication in a European Research Institute I would never think of becoming a writer one day, but years later, when the chakras, the electromagnetic network of living creatures started to be widely known, suddenly everything fell in place in my mind. I  started to see our world in a new way, in a unified view, as one single field of energy, where emotions, vibrations and music is  interconnected  with each other and with everything else in it from galaxies to the tiny DNA molecules. I wanted to share my experiences, but the translation assignments, duties, and small details of everyday life left me no time to immerse into this world. The loss of my long-time canine soulmate in last July was the sad event that made me desire to finally open up and show my reality, still somewhat hidden in the scenes of a fantasy world, where the deep connection between dogs and humans that formed a very long time ago becomes a creating force with a good chance to save the Planet.

You will find the latest information about my book on this page. My website The Sydney is constantly evolving and growing. My mission is to make the reader think out of the box and find solutions that help everyone.

If you want to contact me, please use the contact  below. 

  "If everything is Energy ... then everything can be set right by Energy as   well. 

You just need the Energy with the appropriate parameters."

Albert Einstein could have said that     

Nikola Tesla may have said that     

(we can't access all he has said)     

but the quote actually is from